Technical details are:

66mm Bore x 57.9mm Stroke
Carburetor; Yuminashi PE31
Valves: 31mm/25.5mm
Topspeed: 180km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100Km/h: 7.5 seconds 

Above results with a heavy Honda Gorilla frame and the weight of real people, 90Kg.

The fuel tank have 8Ltr (8Kg.) fuel and tested with 3 discs that give more friction than a drum brake setup.
Carburetor: YUMINASHI PE31 (Original Keihin PE28 machined to 31mm with improved venturi and special needle)
Ignition: DC (Special ignition that we have designed that charge AC, very easy to connect and ignition DC, with 4-pin CDI unit)
Clutch: Special 5-disk clutch with 2 springs in the back from the clutch basket.

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Voor 3000 euro mag het al iets zijn toch!!
En welke debiel steekt er ook een alu tandwiel op zoiets!!!

Gepost door: Daxdude | 06-06-11

Fuck - da's wel redelijk heavy! Hell yeah!

Gepost door: Mister P | 06-06-11

Precies op basis van een Nice gebouwd.

Gepost door: Daxer | 08-06-11

Wa een tuttefrutte tandwiel is me dat ...
en 180 op zon ding wil ik wel eens zien... t'is nu al om schrik van te krijgen als ge wa veel aan de gas hangt....

Gepost door: Poncherello | 12-06-11

i'm the italian importer of Yuminashi SP200R, may i talk with someone that taking have buyed the engine in your coutry ?
I' ve tryed to search a phone number, but not found.
My email is : info@faggymotor.com
If someone know you country buyer, pease tell to me ! I got some problems with this case.
Where you come from ? Germany ?
Thank's a lot

Gepost door: Mauro | 21-06-11

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